The Vocal Coach

Loic has been a Vocal coach for more than 20 years.
He’s taught to sing to hundred of people and showed them how to unleash their voice and themselves.
“When I was 6, my parents put me in a children choir where I first learned to sing with the classical method; the one where you have to repeat the same scales over and over again. After that, as usual with me, I wanted to know everything there was about the voice and singing. For years, I learned on my own until I went to Alice Dona’s Performing Arts School in Paris.”

It’s in that school that Loic meets Master Anton Valéry who will teach him a new approach to singing.
“His methods were really unconventional. I used to call him my Jedi Master because there was always something deeper behind his teaching. With him, you didn’t only learn how to sing, but through learning, practice and technique, you would learn who you were meant to be.”

After 2 years of training with Master Anton, Loic asked him to teach him to teach.
“Being a good singer doesn’t make you a good teacher. Those are 2 completely different tasks. I wanted to learn to teach. I wanted to be like my master. And I got blessed because he accepted. I spent another year with him learning just that; how to teach singing.”

After his time with Master Anton, Loic studied other singing approaches and techniques from India, Japan and China.
He also studied the work of Bobby McFerrin, Seth Riggs and Gary Catona.

“I didn’t want to be one of those singers who teach. I wanted to be a Vocal Coach. I wanted to be the Real Deal. And to be a good vocal coach, I had to know everything there was about the voice and singing. I learned anatomy and a lotf of different vocal techniques but I’ve also researched approaches that are more holistic such as how to mork with the body energies and how the power of the mind can make you surpass yourself physically.”

“As I said, I’m not a singer who teaches. I’m a vocal coach. My job is not to show you how a good singer I am or what I can do. My job is to show you what YOU can do. My goal is to make you sing better than I do. That’s the Graal. That’s what motivates me.”

Loic’s Method

Loic method is unique and is the direct result of his 38 years as a singer and 20+ years of experience as an Artistic director. His technique is a mix of the classical method, the best vocal techniqes from Briadway and some “tricks” Loic discovered in his travels and researches.
“The first thing to understand is that our voice has never been designed to sing. Biologically, physically, singing is completely unnatural for the voice. If you try to force it, you start a conflict within yourself. Everything you do will be against your voice and your body in general. That’s not how one should sing. Instead, it must be a team work between your voice and yourself. One must first accept their voice as it is, because it has never been designed to sing. Then, we invite your voice to work with you and learn and practice with you. That is how you reach amazing results.”

Loic takes only 15 students every year.

“I’ve never considered teaching singing as job. I don’t do it for the money. It’s more like a calling, a vocation. Somehow, it gives me the impression that I’m doing something good, that I may be useful to others. A famous quote says that the purpose in Life is to find your gift but the meaning of Life is to give it away. Well, that’s what I want to do.
But singing is a very personal experience for every one. Each person who comes to me comes with his/her own strengths and weaknesses; courage and fears; doubts and certitudes. To be a good singing coach, you have to know the people you mentor, you have to care for them. That’s why I only take 15 students every year. That way, I can really be close to them and focus on who they are on a personal basis.”